Fulls d’Enginyeria

On May 19th, the digital newspaper Fulls d’Enginyeria published an article about our project. Our teammates Marta Navarro and Laura Sistach talked about ARM2u and the Cybathlon competition. Check out the whole article on their website!

Andromeda & Polyneo 3D 

Today is a very special day, not only because we just received our 3D printed pieces from Polyneo3D, but also because we want to announce the name of our first prototype: Andromeda!

Today we want to show you the results of our amazing work done. Thanks to Polyneo3D now we have almost all of the pieces ready to build Andromeda, which will enable us to carry out the first functionalities, as well as the validations of the design.

With this post we would like to thank Polyneo3D for their sponsorization and for the excellent quality of the 3D printed pieces. They are collaborating with the project and we cannot be happier! Thanks a lot!

We know these are hard times but we believe it’s truly important to stay positive and to continue working on solutions to improve the daily life of people!



Production Phase


As you may know, we are very passionate about exhibiting the steps and progresses of this amazing project. Recently, we have achieved some advances regarding the #mechanicalpart of the prosthesis. Therefore, we are very pleased to show you our current status.

Hereafter, the #mechanicalteam and #integrationteam have recently been working on the final checks and tests before the #production phase. Concretely, we have been analysing the compatibility between all groups, verifying the viability of assembly in all the components. We checked the electronics, the wiring and moving parts to avoid possible interferences between the different modules. In this stage the #teamwork and communication between departments has been crucial.

Next steps? Looking forward to starting manufacturing and testing the prototype in physical format.

Thanks a lot for your interest,

ARM2U, Grasp the world!

Hardware Design

For the success of any given project it is absolutely fundamental for all member of every department to have a general view and perception of how all its parts operate. Our prosthesis is no exception and as such last Thursday all of our team had an engaging talk led by the Electronic Department in which we discussed the ins and outs of our first electronic prototype as well as how they operate as a department.

The first point of discussion revolved around the hardware’s design, its architecture and modules as well as how said hardware interacts with the user and its operation. They gave us information on the power stage, the DC/DC converter topology used to control the motor and even a detailed explanation on how the logic system operates and which protections the prototype includes. After understanding the interaction between all of these systems they gave us an explanation on how the PCB was designed.



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